How It All Started

Nerijus and I met in an elevator at a networking party. He graciously introduced himself and I ran away because he looked too fit to talk to. I’m a writer. He’s a trainer. I’m a before picture. He’s an after.

Me:                                         Him:

Serving Bait - show pic 4 - Robin Proctor                   IMG_1410

Here’s where it gets interesting…Nerijus has designed a 6-week training program to help those committed to the cause, finally realize their dream body. I haven’t exercised all winter (it was a really long, dark, cold winter this year) and I have an okay build but I wouldn’t mind firming up and losing about ten pounds.

I looked through his website and saw fit person after fit person. Not sure I belonged among the ranks, I sent him an email with one big question: I’m a normal person who runs to catch trains and away from scary people on my way home late at night. I can lift the weight of a keg, with the right motivation. Could I do your program?

We decided to find out. And then to tell you, so you can decide for yourself if this is a good way for you to get into shape.

I’m writing a daily blog for the next 6-weeks, so you will know what it feels like every step of the way. You’re welcome to live vicariously through the blogs, but actually going down to Central Park and trying out the classes burns a lot more calories. And it’s a lot more fun!

Start at the beginning here: Psyching Up For Day One

Catch up with where we are now here: Read the Blog

You can learn more about his classes and philosophy here:

You can learn more about me and my writing here:

And all of the really cool pictures, with the Train P3 logo on them, were taken by David Haws. You can see more of his pictures here:

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